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Frequency Machine with Plasma Tube

Human brain cells are especially susceptible, as are certain nerves, reproductive organs and tissues of the eye. Because of what has just been explained people should make sure that they purchase a good off-the-shelf frequency generator that covers the full range of frequencies that Dr.

Rife Generator 2.3

It is a free country you can do whatever you want to do. Unless you have a board certified MD who specializes in RF AND Oncology, you are fooling yourself. Frequency Sweeps: The instrument needs to be capable of doing three kinds of sweep functions, a general sweep, convergence sweep, and a channel sweep.

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Programmable from a PC: Although most researchers won’t need to enter large customized programs into their instruments, there are still a few who would want the capability of being able to add custom auto channels from their Windows PC computer via a USB port. Most sound cards go up to 24kHz. (Sine/square/triangle) – Pulsed signals with variable duty cycle 1-99% – Extensive scripting capabilities (Macros) ; – Change frequencies directly by keyboard, mouse button – Multi sound card support . LiveWires Performance Package A-3.4 Model A3 versatility can be further enhanced with the performance package which includes the JWLiveWires option. Viruses & bacterium can be eradicated, not affecting normal healthy tissue.

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Rife’s consisted of several pieces of equipment and was difficult to move around. Rife’s correct frequencies were all in the higher RF range? Previously Novacure received FDA approval for the use of their frequency generator for brain cancer [but only after chemo had been tried]. Now connect the RCA to the speaker output on the computer and the other end to the auxiliary input on the amplifier. Instrument produced the Pneumonia primary frequency of 3,414,900 Hertz (Dr.

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After telling the mother that she had colon and blood cancer and the daughter that she had breast cancer, Rettmann allegedly advised both to have treatments with a Rife Frequency Generator, a special diet, dietary supplements, a regimen of baths, and foot zoning (a type of foot massage claimed to break up accumulated deposits at the end of foot nerve endings in order to help heal the body). I will purchase the Rife Healing Belt now off you and put the belt over my ear, I think it would be more viable to have the frequencies at the point of the ear. Rife’s true frequencies using audio frequencies to create the proper high RF frequencies, using sidebands. To see the specifications of the machine we have been offering for over 10 years, see here. ArtisanMX is FREE for monitoring up to 2 Intellinet,Sony,Axis,StarDot-tech, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, DLink cameras with the possibility to view up to 16 cameras and/or add recording/replay facilities at small additional cost.

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Keymaker is the ultimate software licensing system for .Net. My desire is to destroy it completely, At the moment I am not willing to undergo a CT scan and perhaps surgery to remove my lymph gland and the SCC on my ear, unless there is no other option. I am the Senior Research Scientist of a non-profit 501(c)(3) Research Institute called the Therapeutics Research Institute. Simply call any JWLABS toll-free support line, and we will be there to help you at any stage of your progress. Support for your machine is always as close as your telephone.